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Ronald Carr served as our church and school custodian from 2002 to 2014.
During this time, Ron faithfully, performed his job and was always reliable and completely trustworthy.
Due to the change in the church's financial position and the closing of the school, we were forced to
terminate Ron's position.

We depended on Ron a great deal to clean up after church functions and many times he would come
and take care of the church late in the evening so things would be ready for Sunday morning. His service
at the school was also very much appreciated.

I highly recommend Ron as a trusted and dedicated worker and am fully confident that he will succeed
In any endeavor he chooses to pursue.



Anthony Pace

​Chairman, Board of Trustees



Carr Janitorial Services has performed custodial services for Lower Southampton Township,
Department of Parks and Recreation, for the past 3 years. In the spring and fall months they service our
restrooms at Playwicki Farm and Russell Elliott memorial park. During our busiest time of year. Summer,


Carr Janitorial Services also is contracted to perform services at The Dolphin Swim Club.
Carr Janitorial Services has always communicated issues as they arise, ie; plumbing issues,
vandalism, inventory of supplies. This is very helpful to an organization of our size because I am not
always able to be on-site as each situation may arise.


I would highly recommend Carr Janitorial Services for any custodial needs be it commercial, or
residential. Carr Janitorial Services has fulfilled and exceeded all aspects of the current and previous



Matt Gilbert

Lower Southampton Township

Parks and Recreation Director

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